Realizing the vision of our founding fathers of educating masses with class education, perform as a change agent in an onward journey of students struggling to become better persons of tomorrow by taking small strides of five years, delivering quality education.


“Empowerment through Education” in terms of development of intellect, skills, ethics and culture of the society through conventional and non-conventional education.


  • Inculcate a strong sense of nationalism keeping in view the glorious heritage of the institution
  • Impart value-based holistic learning by integrating conventional and innovative learning practices to match the global standards
  • Develop the students to adapt better to the changing global scenario and (motivate them to opt) equip them with diverse career opportunities
  • Motivate the students to bring out their creative potential and nurture the spirit of critical thinking
  • Commit towards the inclusive education by making it accessible to all sections of society irrespective of class, caste, creed and gender
  • Empower students with leadership training skills to enable them to be agents of social change
  • Sensitize and engage students in issues of gender equality, human rights and ecology in order to make them socially responsible citizens


“We believe that education is a tremendous responsibility and not just an activity. We assume moral and social responsibility in every activity of ours as a matter of conscience. We believe in sincere, honest and committed relationships with all our stakeholders. We dedicate ourselves to improving the quality of life in our own way by adopting the highest quality standards in imparting education to match the world’s best. Our dedication to education is total”


  • To give the skill based hands on trainings to students
  • To facilitate the employability of the graduate students passing out from the Institution
  • Promoting research activities and inculcating research culture among faculties
  • Sensitization of young minds towards social and political arena